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Grand Monaco La Potenza is an affordable and simple accommodation set-up developed by Grand Monaco developers. It is not a luxurious property and may not contain world-class accommodation but is a great option for basic facilities. It is in sync with the vision of the company to make accommodation affordable for all with good facilities and amenities. It is not the place with cutting edge and groundbreaking recreational amenities but a simple sorted place with basic features needed for comfortable living. It is affordable and secure with facilities that help in improving the quality of life.

The most important feature of the community is safety and security. The developers have ensured that top class security is maintained. With 24-hour security system, the family within the units are safe and secured. The developers have given priority to security service and maintain a proper record of each and every visitor.  It is a gated community so everything is well monitored and taken care of. The security guards are hired from reputed and professional security service so that they can take care of the system efficiently. 

Apart from security service, there are some great amenities present like a playground for children. The playground ensures that children play and are active with wholesome growth and development. It is a spacious community with neatly maintained and beautifully landscaped parks. The garden or park is maintained by professional gardeners so that residents get the privilege of complete serenity and peace. There is an in campus clubhouse also which can be used for various celebration, events or celebrate functions. It is an affordable place with all the basic amenities. Each of the units has access to 24x7 water supply from a centralized water system. 

  • Clubhouse
  • Parks
  • Playground
  • Security Guard
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